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Race Retro Update 23/03/2016

Sorry for the delay in reporting how the show went, but we've been very busy and unfortunately we are down on staff members at the moment, so apologies.

Thank you to everyone that came along to say hello, and place their orders with us over the 3 days. We were very busy from the word go, which is great, as it meant we met some lovely people, and did an awful lot of talking about Lotus cars whether road or track. As our little slogan said on the front of the stand, " Your passion, is our business". It certainly proves what passion there is out there for the brand, that's for sure !

We met people from all four corners of the world as they say, (despite us now knowing the planet is round), made some really good new contacts, as well as renewing some old ones. So many thanks again to all those that came along, and we hope you enjoyed the show.

The photograph below was very kindly sent to us by one of our valued Japanese customers, proving that it really is the International Historic Motorshow.




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